Thursday, April 30, 2009


1. BookWormz hit 100 sales on April 22! Congrats NotNessie and Shhh - I'm Reading! Please shoot me an email with your choices of BookWormz and address - pick anything in my store with the exception of Couture pieces and the "Flags of Our Fathers BookWorm"! :) My email address is

2. Went to see Britney Spears last night with some girlfriends! It was a good show, but I saw her Onyx Hotel tour and I have to say it was better. Her costumes were amazing, though, and the opening by Perez Hilton was so fab. :) My husband called me when we were on our way to the arena and sang "Ooops, I'm the oldest one there", which made me giggle. Surprisingly, my 30 year old girlfriends and I were NOT the oldest ones there (okay, so the older ones were moms. To teenagers... KIDDING), and there were lots of groups of girls around our age. I think if a single guy wanted to meet girls, there may be no better place than a Britney concert.

3. I took today and tomorrow off. Just for the heck of it. :) Off to enjoy! Talk to you all soon! xoxo


The Silver Dog said...

Congrats - you deserve it. You have such a unique idea with your bookwormz

The Book Resort said...

Way to go, Rachel.
Congrats to NotNessie & Shhh - I'm Reading!
I bet Perez was something else.
Glad ya had a good time.
Brit is gettin' back her swig, so I understand she may be a bit crooked.
Or... it may be all of those dirrty 'ole congressmen in the audience she gets skivved out over. Hmmm... was $#%^&*@ Blago slithering about? lol.

down and out chic said...

congrats on your sales, that's awesome! and brittney spears...i'm not sure i could deal w/all the teenagers screaming...maybe after a few beers though:)

Peggy said...

Congratulation Rachel and Brit for a celebration gift.
So happy for you!

cupcakewitch said...

Its always nice to take days off just for fun!

Anonymous said...


Mossy said...

Have fun on your days off - live creatively!