Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Shower Today!

I currently have two very good friends who are due in May with their first children. Both of these girls were in my wedding in October, and both were preggo during it! :) I just can't wait to meet their little dudes (yep, both boys!)! Today, I'm going to Cortney's shower. Her auntie is a professional chef, so I had a veeeery light breakfast in preparation for the feast! ;)

In honor of my two wonderful friends, I'd like to share one of my favorite videos. You've probably see it already, but I soooo love it. I love any funny videos, so please feel free to share yours! :)

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The Book Resort said...

Have a gr-8 time. Your friend's aunt is a chef, eh? Yummie... you are going to be so stuffed : }!!! Have a fantastic time.
My best to your friends.
May is not too far away & you will be babysitting before you know it.
Oh, my, word.