Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been TAGGED and AWARDED!!!

Hooray! I have two new friends! Times and Chimes and Creative Nachos who have made me feel so *special* today!! :) I'm going to combine them, since I got two in one day. Times and Chimes tagged me, which means I have to reveal 8 random things about myself and then "tag" 8 other bloggers. Creative Nachos gave me the "FABULOUS BLOG" award, which means I have to share 5 addictions with you... (gulp) and then award 5 other blogs! When I tag you, feel free not to participate - I just feel like it's really fun! So here goes:


  1. Ummmmm...Etsy? Duh.

  2. Blogging!

  3. Creating BookWormz!

  4. Red Red Wine

  5. The ever popular, never gets old, always delicious CHOCOLATE!!!

Random Facts

  1. I used to play the Tuba in High School

  2. I grew up in a town of 1600 people that had 1 blinking stop light

  3. I do a hell of a Bill Cosby impression!

  4. I live in Chicago and I can't drive my car in the snow...and I'm in outside sales!

  5. I've lived in 3 states, but only in two "officially"

  6. When I was in 3rd grade, I won an award for reading the most books in the whole school, and I got my picture in the paper... glory days...:)

  7. I love reading celebrity gossip blogs.

  8. I have a passion for fashion!

Ok, so here are the blogs I Tag - you also have been awarded a FABULOUS BLOG award!! mwah!
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The Silver Dog said...

Thank you for the tag bookwormz...I'll post later :)