Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Sweet Treat!

I've been running down to the mailbox every day ever since I ordered the item I got today! I'm like a little girl, pigtails, Rainbow Bright shirt and all! Except that I drink more wine than a little girl... ANYWAY - I got a SWEET surprise!

Etsy shop Polka Dot Candle Shoppe (check out her blog HERE)sent me an INCREDIBLE smelling set of 6 Votive candles. I chose her Butter Rum Cappuccino Highly Scented Votive Candles, which, in hindsight, was a huge mistake since all I could think about all night is Butter Rum Cappuccino. Honestly, I have NEVER smelled such an incredibly realistic and delicious scent from a candle. Come to think of it, I've never actually smelled such a delicious scent in real life... :) My husband and I compulsively sniffed them all night (I actually licked it, because I was REALLY hoping it would taste as good as it smelled. Unfortunately, it didn't). Please don't tell anyone I know about that last part.

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handbagcave said...

wow I love candles! Sounds like it smells greattttt