Saturday, February 28, 2009


Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I made the FRONT PAGE on!!! Click HERE to check out my interview with Rebecca of Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen!

I've also been featured on a fellow Book Blogger's blog! Click HERE to check out {Insert Book Title Here}'s very cool blog. I love that it focuses on Young Adult literature - great site for all you Mom's out there to check out!

Also wanted to announce that last night I reached a milestone. 50 SALES! In less than two months! I'm really proud of myself. Thanks to all of you who've supported me along the way! Oh yeah - that's me clapping for myself. And those are my man hands. hahahaha


Peggy said...

Congratulations to should clap for yourself with those man hands! Rah Rah Rah!

Candice said...

That's so awesome! Great job on your success.

Anonymous said...

Conrats to you! I am really excited! The interview was great, and thanks for including my blog in your post. I can't wait for my BookWormz to get here. :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview and congrats on your milestone! YAY!!!!!

ClarkandDiversey said...

you are famous! btw - love love LOVE river west!

Padfoot said...

Man hands rock!!!! I love your blog, and one of these days I am gonna buy one of your bookmarks...they are fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by our blog!

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