Friday, February 13, 2009

Reasons why ETSY is like a secret lover...

1. I obsess about my ETSY shop. Really, really obsess about it.
2. I check for messages every chance I get, even when I'm supposed to be spending time with friends and family.
3. I feel a rush of happiness every time I am convo'd or an order comes through.
4. My husband suffers from malnutrition because I just don't have time to cook, clean AND ETSY.
5. I feel a little guilty when I ETSY all night, since it really is taking me away from time with friends and family.
6. I get butterflies in my stomach during that moment right before I sign in to ETSY at night.
7. I make out with my computer screen (KIDDING!!! That would be really creepy).

Anyone else in a similar predicament? ;)


Linda said...

Yes, I am an Etsyholic too. I get butterflies and do the happy dance when I get a Convo or an order.

When I'm in Chat rooms, I love meeting new people, but if I'm featured seller, I get "stage fright".


Glass Circus said...

I can so relate! Etsy is addictive.

I could add that I kind of freak out when I get a sale. I'm happy but I also worry that they won't like it when they get it.

Angela said...

I was. But after 6 months it has finally worn off. Whew. Now, it is the second thing I check when I turn on the computer. My blog is my new obsession.

Jamie said...

Join the club!

Linda Stranger said...

ROTFLOL... That's how I feel about everything to do with my vice, which is my jewelry obsession. Looking at jewelry, shopping for jewelry makin's, sorting my jewelry makin's, when I open a new order of supplies my hands shake! I SO relate!