Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My heart is much more full this morning!

Sooo, last night kind of sucked. I was summarily rejected from 1000 Markets, which left me looking around, bewildered and hurt. You know what's funny? I actually never even considered the posibility that I might be rejected! My fellow etsiers had left me such positive feedback on my shop and my creativity that I was pretty much walking around with my head in the clouds! :)

Well, following my deep and painful depression last night, I went on to the Etsy chatrooms and posted about my experience. My goal was to understand why I might have been rejected, but instead there was an outpouring of praise, love and strength from my fellow Etsiers! I even got 35 new hearts!!! (I hope those weren't just sympathy hearts!) ;) Thanks to that post, I was able to go to bed with a smile on my face instead of that rather sick feeling in my tummy that I had earlier that night.

That's why Etsy is such a great website. It's inclusive, it's original, and it's up to you to get noticed. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to succeed. I hope that all of my readers get that opportunity this week, and I hope that you are all given the opportunity to feel the kind of support that I felt last night! If you're interested in checking out the thread, here it is!


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Sarah said...

I had heard of 1000 markets, but I also didn't know you could be rejected. Etsy might be showing its flaws at its time of growth, but it still reigns as a democratic market for business.