Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Chance to Win a BookWorm!

I love love love the vibrancy and sheen of this silk fabric. The only problem is that I think the silk may be a little too fragile and might fray over time. Thus, I don't want to sell it for fear that it won't hold up like my other BookWormz. Thus - a giveaway was born! So you feelin lucky, punk? This BookWorm was actually going to be introduced into my Couture Collection, because the ribbon is made of silk, I won't be able to get these buttons again, and the components are very expensive. It's called "Your Dad's Tie BookWorm", for obvious reasons. :)
Ok, so here's the deal. Winner will be drawn Monday, March 2nd. You have to leave a comment below with two parts:
1. What was the last book that you read and what did you think on a scale of 1 - 10?
2. Stop by my SHOP and let me know which BookWorm would best fit the plot of the last book that you read.

You can also earn extra entries by:
1. Tweeting about this giveaway
2. Blogging about this giveaway
3. Buying a BookWormz
Also, I'm having a sale until St. Patrick's Day! Buy two or more BookWormz, write "Indie" in the comments to seller, and I'll ship for free! Thanks for playing, and LUCK O' THE IRISH to ya!

Also, I've been told some people are having some trouble leaving comments on my blog. If this is the case, please feel free to convo me at my ETSY shop or email me at rachelswormz @ gmail . com for your entry! Thanks!


steph said...

ok the last book i read was skinny bitch and it was AWFUL!!! i give it about a 1 on a scale of 1-10, and have a whole book report about it here:

lookin through your etsy shop i think the fruit ribbon would be most fitting because the book is all about how you're retarded if you're not vegan (it could never work for me, i like burgers too much!), but i think the martini one also works because that's something i just could not give up if i had to follow their eating rules!

Indigo said...

Last book I read was Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. On a scale of 1-10. I would give it a 7. It goes a little overboard in the punk genre, but keeps it in direct line of haunting mystery. I like it enought to invest in his next book 20th Century Ghost. Thanks for the opportunity hon! (Hugs)Indigo

Indigo said...

As for which Bookworm would work great with my latest book that would be either be this one:

or this one:

Why? Because there is an element of the main character running out of time and it's a form of death stalking him. It also goes along with the whole punk atmosphere of the book. I thought the links would be a nice touch, proving I did in fact visit your site *winks*. I can't at the moment. But do plan on coming back to shop at some point. I love the novelty of these bookworms. Do you do request (color, style choices?). (Hugs)Indigo

BookWormz said...

Absolutely I take custom requests! Just let me know what you're looking for! Thank you for stopping by!

Lauren said...

The last book I read was 'Tenth Circle' by Jodi Piccoult. I give it a 5 for a M.Night Shamaylan-esque twist ending with zero resolution. Boo. Up until the end it was a pretty good read.
I think this bookworm goes best for it, since the main theme is lust /adultery / rape and sexuality.

BookWormz said...

Hey Lauren! I LOVE Jodi Piccoult. She's one of my favorite authors. I didn't really like that book of hers, though. You should give her another try if you haven't read any of her other books! :)

Jess said...

The last book I read was Chosen by P.C Cast & Kirstin Cast and it was a 9 out of 10. I love - love - loved it! (There is a review up at my blog)

The best BookWormz that would go with the theme of Chosen would have to be (, because even though it's a pirate button, the skull and dark colors fit very well with the vampire theme that is in the book.

I also wrote an entry about this contest at my blog as well (

Thanks for the awesome contest! :D

Shanda said...

The last book I read was The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I would give it an 8 out of 10. The book worm that would match is the black one with the Faux clock.

Jenn said...

the last book i read was "Dewey" and i LOVED it... a total 10 IMHO

and this:

is the bookworm i think would fit it best ('cause of the cute lil cat on it!)

btw... LOVE your work... it's so fun and unique! :0)

bFlat said...

The last book I read was Apart From the Crowd my Anna McPartlin and it was definitely a 10! I cried and laughed throughout the entire book.

I think the Medium BookWorm - Brown, Tan, Neutral Stripe Ribbon, Guitar Button would fit perfectly with my book because one of the main characters was a famous musician.

Angela said...

Ok, gonna try this again...maybe a different day will help! :-)

The last book I finished was "New Moon" in the Twilight series. I would give it a 7-8, because it is what it is - a teenage love drama!

I would say the black and grey polka dot bookworm with the heart would match it!

Angela said...

I blogged about your giveaway!

Manhattan said...

The last book i read was twilight! ;)
It was alright, i'll rate it at a 7.

Manhattan said...

I think that Small Bookworm - Faux Clock Button, Black Ribbon would fit twilight. It's elegance reminds me of the cullen family..


mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

I just read the graphic novel for "v for vendetta". It was a fantastic read!

It was a little dark here and there but i'll give it a rating of 9!!

Thanks for the giveaway!

mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

The Medium BookWorm - Brown, Tan, Neutral Stripe Ribbon, Guitar Button would be great for v for vendetta. I fits in with the portions when v played classical music.. Nice work with the bookworm!

mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

I blogged about your giveaway at my blog at:


mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com